5 - 11 July 2008, Toruń, Poland

TOFIFEST International Film Festival is awaiting for competition films!
These are the last days to submit your film for one of 4 competitions of TOFIFEST International Film Festival in Toruń [Poland]. We invite all feature films, short and full-length, that have been made after January 1st, 2007.
They can enter the strive in four Competitions: for The Best Full-length Feature Film, the Best Short Feature Film, the FORWARD! Competition (for the films that "break the schemes"), and in the national competition - for Polish films.  

The awards are Golden Angels [which refer to the Medieval symbol of Toruń, the town of Nicolaus Copernicus] and a dozen or so thousand Euros.  

The deadline is May, 20th 2008 [the date on a date-stamp, or the time and date of sending an e-mail with the entry form count]  

The Festival will be held between July 5th-11th, 2008 in the cinemas of Toruń  

The on-line entry form is available on our website:
http://www.tofifest.pl/ [here: http://www.tofifest.pl/299,l2.html  

Among the guests of TOFIFEST there have already been: Agnieszka Holland ["Copying Beethoven", "Secret Garden"], Miroslav Ondricek ["Hair", "Ragtime", "Amadeus"]. This year the list will be enlarged by Emmanuelle Seigner ["Bitter Moon", "La Vie en Rose"]. We also invite you - the makers of competition films - to visit Toruń, the town of hundreds of youth clubs and pubs, film traditions, and beautiful gothic architecture!

Jarry Jaworski
Press Office Director

Competition contact: Łukasz Jakielski,
Tel.: +4856 6.222.159