July 17-20, 2009
"BAJynki - 2009" 
The second festival "BAJynki" was arranged and held at a camping site near Luniniets (Brest region) on July 17-18, 2009. 
Unlike last year, "BAJynki-2009" lasted two days. The festival participants lived in tents, cooked food on their own and did their morning exercises.
Moreover, they divided into teams and took part in different kinds of sport and intellectual competitions: "tug-of-war", football, darts, chess etc. 

The festival participants had a possibility to show their erudition during a professional journalist quiz with all questions related to journalism and journalists. 

Also, the creators of "Match.by" Web-site arranged and held a master-class in Sport Journalism.  

The results of "BAJynki-2009" satisfied both the festival organizers and participants. 

Mikhal Larchanka, a "Bobruyskiy Kuryer" journalist:  

To my mind, it is a good way to set closer relations between journalists, to get acquainted closer with colleagues I didn´t meet before and from the places I didn´t visit before... 

Zhanna Litvina, Chairperson of Belarusian Association of Journalists:

Unfortunately, BAJ is quite often perceived one-sidedly, as an organization, restricted to struggle for professional rights. Actually, BAJ is firstly an organization with talented and gifted people. These are normal people, who treat each other with honor and can relax in a creative way. 

A "Belgazeta" Correspondent Detained and Released (UPDATED) 

A photo correspondent of "Belgazeta" Vadzim Zamirouski was detained by police in Kastrychnitskaya Square of Miensk at 6 pm on July 16, 2009. 

The journalist was implementing his professional duties, preparing a report from a solidarity action with Belarusian political prisoners, held by young opposition activists in the city center of Miensk. 

V. Zamirouski has informed the BAJ Press Service that he had a press-card, issued by his editorial, with him and that he showed the document to the policemen on his way to the Central Department of Internal Affairs. The police representatives retorted it was invalid. 

Maryna Hulayeva, "Belgazeta" Deputy Editor-in-chief refuted this information in her interview to the BAJ Press Service. She noted that Vadzim Zamirouski had received the press card, elaborated in accordance with the official frames together with other editorial members.  

The journalist was kept at the District Department of Internal Affairs for about three hours. The policemen took his finger-prints and set him free without composing any papers. 

"Bobruyskiy Kuryer" Sold at News-stalls Again 

"Bobruyskiy Kuryer" (Mahilou region) has been returned to the state-owned network of news-stalls. Local managers of "Sayuzdruk" enterprise noted they weren´t against returning the "Volnaye Hlybokaye" independent newspaper (Vitsiebsk region) to kiosks as well. However, all other regional periodicals received negative replies from the state-owned monopolist. It should be mentioned that these two newspapers have the smallest print-runs in the list of independent periodical editions, deprived of their right to be distributed through the state monopolist´s news-stalls.

It is worth reminding that the second meeting of Coordination Council on the Media was held in Miensk on June 4, 2009. Following a range of discussions, it was stated that the Council would recommend "Belposhta" and "Sayuzdruk" resume distribution of independent periodicals, excluded from the official networks´ client lists. 

Actually, all editorials of independent regional media concerned received letters, signed by Pavel Yakubovich, "Sovietskaya Byelorussia" newspaper´s Editor-in-chief with a proposal to apply again to the local branches of "Belposhta" and "Sayuzdruk".

However, it was "Bobruyskiy Kuryer" only that managed to achieve concrete results. The newspaper can be found at "Sayuzdruk" news-stalls since Wednesday. 

The Editor-in-chief of "Volnaye Hlybokahye" Uladzimier Skrabatun has noted in his interview to the BAJ Press Service that "Vitsiebsk Ablsayuzdruk" wasn´t against returning his periodical to the local kiosks. However, Skrabatun hasn´t submitted the documents yet, as he is busy with re-registration of "Volnaye Hlybokahye" ownership at the present time. 

At the same time, "Borisovskiye Novosti" (Miensk region), "Gazeta Slonimskaya" (Hrodna region) and "Intex-press" (Brest region) editorials have received negative replies from the local branches of "Sayuzdruk" and "Belposhta". The latter regarded this cooperation to be "inexpedient", as before. 

After nn.by 

Regional Publishers Got United 

"The United Mass Media" Association of Regional Press Publishers has been officially registered in Belarus. Uladzimier Yanukievich, Head of "Intex-press" Publishing House (Baranavichy, Brest region) was elected to hold the position of "The United Mass Media" Association´s Chairman. He received the Association´s certificate of official registration at Brest Regional Executive Committee on July 15, 2009.

"The United Mass Media" Association has united publishers of such newspapers as "Intex-Press" (Baranavichy, Brest region), "Borisovskiye Novosti" (Barysau, Miensk region), "Gazeta Slonimskaya" (Slonim, Hrodna region), "Gazeta dla Vas" (Ivatsevichy, Brest region), "Info-Kuryer" (Slutsk, Miensk region), "Inform-progulka" (Luniniets, Brest region), "Volnaye Hlybokaye" (Hlybokaye, Vitsiebsk region), "Brestskiy Kuryer" (Brest), "Viecherniy Bobruysk" (Babruysk, Mahilou region), and "Rehiyanalnaya Gazeta" (Maladechna, Miensk region).

The Association plans to arrange seminars for publishers, editors and journalists, aimed at improvement of their professionalism. 

Any regional publisher in Belarus is free to join the Association. 

Press Service of Belarusian Association of Journalists